18 oct. 2013

Ice Queen

The chariot is coming,
the gates of time have been opened,
and your soul will be condemned.

On cold wings
the queen
is coming.

She is not an angel,
she is not a devil,
she is not good and 
she is not evil.

She's got  black hair,
she's got skin like ice,
better run if you don't want to feel
her cold breath

She is the Ice Queen,
the most beautiful pain,
the saddest regret.

She is coming, she is here,
she will find you and she will make
your heart fall in fear.

You can't escape from her gaze,
you will wish her embrace,
but she will only give you pain.

She gives and she takes
she is the Queen of your fate,
she is your life and your death.


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